Are you a budding interior decorator?

If you like hanging decorations and decorating homes, you could have what it takes to offer home d├ęcor services in Polokwane. You could have repeat clients over each holiday, with Christmas being the busiest. Some individuals like decorating their houses but are too elderly, crippled, busy, or just exhausted to mount the ladder and do it themselves.

Many people like decorating their houses for the holidays by hanging lights and all of the other decorations that make the holiday season so happy and colourful!

Small signs might be produced and placed at junctions. You might create a flyer and distribute it to housing associations, retirement homes, and other organisations. You can post fliers at grocery shops, marketplaces, gyms, and other places. You should have placards advertising your holiday decoration services on your car. When you are paid to decorate someone’s house, it could just put a spring in your step!

You’d be wise to get some magnetic signage produced for your car and to take use of the free classified websites where you can post your new service!

You might go to senior citizen facilities, mobile home parks, and association parks, where the majority of the residents are 55 or older. You could network with your church, leave post cards on the bulletin board at your local grocery store, or even the old-fashioned method of walking from door to door in more affluent neighbourhoods where families are often too busy with work and family to find the extra time it takes to hang outdoor lights and other types of decorations.

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